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Most psychology departments are filled with personality deficients. Dr Bloom would be the  e x c e p t i o n. 

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So, a “Creepshow” design i did is going to be made into a limited run shirt by a friend of mine at Atomic Cotton! (Check them out here! ) I’m very excited, so i made this mock-up of what the shirt will look like. In addition, i’ll be releasing the design as a 12 X 12 print with an exclusive “Crate Monster” sticker. Keep your eyes open, should be happening soon.

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They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out. - Find out what?
They’re screwing with the wrong people

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The Evil Within unleashes a new gameplay trailer

The Evil Within, the horror game directed by survival horror master Shinji Mikami, has received a brand new gameplay trailer today.

Check out the new gameplay clip here.

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TWD: Comic To Screen - 4x16 "A" / Issue #64 [4/?]

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