Horror Harbour

It is crazy how much I’m into this season of American Horror Story considering how much I loathed the last season. 

  1. shutupyouresick said: I don’t know how you didn’t like season 1, I thought it was fantastic. But this season is definitely better than season 1! so much darker, twisted, and grim. I LOVE IT :’D
  2. jetmcfancy said: It’s actually legitimately 1000 times better than the first season. I used to sit there…pretty much SHOUTING at the TV every single week during the first season. I wasn’t a fan. But this season is brilliant.
  3. slash-gash-gore said: it pains me to say it but i agree, while the last season was a lot of weak horror rip offs this season has been insanely dark and surprising, just a blend of insane plots and suspense. i really disliked season 1
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